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About Us

Located in beautiful North Georgia just 5 miles off of I-75, Pinnacle Farm and Kennel provides the room and resources to produce top quality show and companion animals. Owned and operated by Justin and Cheslie Smithey, whose love of pure bred dogs started at the age of 16 with the purchase of a whippet from Calvin Perry's long-standing Appraxin kennel. The interest in show dogs has turned into a full time business with Kennels In The Country, a modern 2500 square foot boarding kennel. Justin also attends over 150 dog shows a year as a successful Professional Dog Handler.

The interest in Barbet, a beautiful French water dog, stemmed from a close friendship with Judy Descutner of Hickory Tavern Barbet and Whippets. Judy is a co-owner with Justin and Cheslie of “Bourbon”, the top winning Whippet in AKC History, bred by Justin. Justin also handled her Barbet at AKC events as soon as they were accepted into the American Kennel Club, achieving wonderful recognition with Best of Breed wins at the Westminster Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club National Championship. Justin and Cheslie maintain a very small, but active breeding program of Barbet. They were lucky enough to obtain beautiful, top quality dogs from both the Hickory Tavern bloodlines in the US and Renate Zuber of Switzerland.

The top priority of Justin and his staff is to assure all animals in their care are safe and healthy. There is much emphasis on freedom of exercise and opportunity to play outdoors. This, along with top quality nutrition and regular expert veterinary care guarantee all animals at Pinnacle Farm and Kennel reach their full potential.

Pinnacle Barbet Champion
Justin Presenting GCh. Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM for owner Judy Descutner at American Kennel Club National Championship
Pinnacle Barbet Champion
Justin Presenting GCh. Hickory Tavern Intl Intrigue CM for owner Judy Descutner at Westminster Kennel Club
Driveway with black iron gate in front of white house with numerous trees behind it
White farm house and sheds surrounded by numerous trees with large field in front with fice sheep grazing

About Barbet

The Barbet is a medium sized, rustic French Water Dog that is distinguished by other breeds by its dense curly, shaggy coat and distinctive beard in the colors black, brown, fawn, gray, and white. The Barbet temperament is fabulous; they are friendly, intelligent, loyal, and also have an overall calm demeanor. Male Barbet range from 21 - 24.5 inches, while Female Barbet range from 19 - 22.5 inches, and 35 to 65 pounds. Barbet are generally an extremely healthy breed, with responsible breeders testing adults’ Hips, Elbows, and Eyes prior to breeding.

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Available Barbet

Noemie and Zeus welcomed a beautiful new family of 5 males and 2 females on July 12th. Puppies are from completely health tested sire and dams who have wonderful, loving dispositions. Puppies will be up to date on all vaccinations, wormings, microchipped and vet checked prior to leaving our home. Puppies are priced at $4000.

Contact Justin at [email protected] or 706-537-6294 for more information.



Our Adults

Pinnacle Noemie
Available Barbet from Pinnacle
Young God Vom Zulimo

Stunning import from Renate Zuber Morgenthaler in Switzerland

Current Barbet from Pinnacle
Hickory Tavern Take the Long Way Home DSPOA

Exquisite and friendly, Jessa is not only beautiful, she has an exceptional temperament.

Available Barbet from Pinnacle
Millbrook Madeline Says Merci
Available Barbet from Pinnacle
Millbrook Matilda

Barbet Raised by Pinnacle

Available Barbet from Pinnacle
Hickory Tavern Carried Away

Co-Bred with Judy Descutner

Santa with black dog Close up shot of barbet dog on blue leash by man in green vest and khaki pants Action shot of Barbet dog wearing a red vest jumping over a pool with trees in the background
Litter of five Barbet puppies Man holding four barbet puppies wearing long sleeve shirt, green vest, and khaki pants with trees in the background Barbet puppies on a wood porch - one sitting up with gray leash, one laying down with a blue leash